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Diablo 4 Season 1 Ultimate Uber Lilith Rogue Build

In this Diablo 4 build guide, we will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to take down Uber Lilith, one of the toughest challenges in the game. Our rogue build is designed to deal massive damage and make quick work of this formidable foe. By following this guide, you can dish out 40, 50, or even 60 million damage and emerge victorious. We'll cover the skill tree, gear, and strategy required to conquer Uber Lilith, step by step.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Ultimate Uber Lilith Rogue Build


Build Planner

Skill Tree

Skill Description
Puncture (Fundamental Puncture) Primary skill to make Uber Lilith vulnerable. Refer to the quick reference guide for details.
Twisting Blades (Improved Dazed) Enhances crowd control effects with dazed.
Siphoning Strikes (3/3) Boosts damage output with this skill.
Shadow Step (1/5) Unlocks Shadow Step for swift maneuvering in battle.
Methodical Shadow Step Advanced skill allowing direct shadow step to Uber Lilith, providing exceptional control.
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Dash (or Smoke Grenade for CC) Choose Dash for improved movement or Smoke Grenade for added crowd control.
Poison Trap (Counteract Poison Trap) Enhances poison imbuement skill and offers a chance to reset it.
Poison Imbuement (Blended Poison Imbuement) Maximizes poison damage output.
Deadly Venom (1/3) Increases attack speed with Alchemical Advantage.
Precision Imbuement (3/3) Enhances chilled and frozen damage.
Innervation (3/3) and Alchemist Fortune (3/3) Increases lucky hit chance to trigger the poison pool.
Trap Mastery (3/3) and Second Wind (Optional) Further enhances lucky hit chance.
Adrenaline Rush (1/3) and Haste (3/3) Improves attack speed and movement speed.
Close Quarters Combat (1/1) Boosts overall damage by 30%.



Choose the "Combo Points" specialization for maximum damage.



Aspect: Mangler's Aspect: This aspect is crucial for staggering Uber Lilith. It has a chance to Daze her, helping you build the stagger bar quickly.

Chest: Prioritize affixes that boost damage, such as poison damage, overall damage, Cutthroat skill damage, and damage percentage. Equip the Exploiter's Aspect for 40% increased damage against Unstoppable enemies.

Gloves: Aim for Critical Strike chance, lucky hit chance, dexterity, and Twisting Blades damage. Use the Aspect of Intercom for a 30% damage boost when standing still.

Pants: The Aspect of Might is recommended for damage reduction. If possible, get pants with damage affixes.

Boots: Use the Aspect of Noxious Ice for additional poison damage to Frozen and chilled enemies.

Crossbow: Equip Aspect of Corruption for increased skill potency against vulnerable enemies. Stack poison damage, poison imbuement skill damage, and Cutthroat skill damage affixes.

Daggers: Use two daggers, including Ashira's Kanjar Ancestral Dagger for the attack speed boost. The other dagger should have the Aspect of Bursting Venoms to maintain infinite poison imbuements.

Rings: Prioritize resource regeneration, lucky hit chance, vulnerable damage, crit strike chance, and crit strike damage. The Blade Dancer's Aspect on one of your rings enhances Twisting Blades damage, and the Wrathful Heart's Aspect boosts poison damage.

Amulet: Opt for the Accelerating Aspect to increase attack speed. Prioritize affixes like +3 ranks of all imbuement skills, deadly venom, dexterity percentage, and damage percentages.

Penitent Greaves and Fist of Fate: These items help stagger Uber Lilith quickly. Use them at the start of the fight, then switch to your regular gloves and boots before unleashing your full damage potential.


Paragon Points

Follow the Paragon Point allocation detailed in the guide, focusing on skills that enhance your damage output, especially those related to poison and critical strikes.



With this Rogue build guide, you are well-equipped to take on Uber Lilith in Diablo 4. Maximize your damage potential, stagger Lilith quickly, and watch her fall before your might. Good luck, adventurers!

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