Poe Currency

Blessed Orb

  • Sanctum SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 300
  • 600
  • 900
  • 1200
  • 1500
  • 1800


A Blessed Orb is a currency item in Path of Exile that can be used to re-roll the values of modifiers on an item. The effects of using a Blessed Orb are random, and can potentially improve the item.


Blessed Orbs are used to add or re-roll modifiers on an item. This effect can be used on any item, including weapons, armours, jewellery, flasks, maps and other items. The result is completely random, so it is impossible to know what the outcome will be before using it. When a Blessed Orb is used, the existing modifiers on the item are completely removed and replaced with new ones.


Blessed Orbs can be obtained by trading with other players, purchasing them from the in-game shop, or by completing certain in-game challenges or tasks. They can also be obtained from certain monsters in the game, as well as through using Divine Orbs.


Blessed Orbs can be used to re-roll the modifiers on an item, as mentioned above. This is usually done in order to try and improve the item, as the new modifiers that are generated are random.

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